As creative partners in a shared vision, we build memorable brands with a distinct point of view.


  • There's no formula.

    Great ideas never come off a conveyor belt. While we have our process, what happens between the lines is based on what’s right for the brand and business. Our understanding and intuition guide us, creating a unique way of approaching each project as an opportunity to create something special.

  • Communication is everything.

    It all starts with an open dialogue. From client conversations to team collaboration, we keep our heads up and our ears open throughout the process. Because the best work comes from an understanding of the vision and acting like a true partner.

  • Make it human.

    Whether it’s through a physical object or a pixelated screen, our goal remains the same. To create a lasting connection between the brand and the audience. How we get there varies, but by elevating human interaction with the product we make sure people are at the center of the experience.

  • Keep it moving.

    We won’t leave you hanging. We’ll go beyond the scope of a project to ensure the vision is consistent and enduring. We’re most rewarded when we earn long-standing relationships by staying on as a true partner, and not just a gun for hire.

We partner with companies
at every stage.

Founders with a vision.

You have a vision, we can help bring it to life. Working closely with founders, we’re a nimble, strategic partner helping you to deliver on your brand promise as you bring new products to market.

Companies on the move.

We help great products become purposeful brands. We work with early-stage companies to define their story and translate it to the world so they'll have a lasting and meaningful impact in the future.

Brands with a legacy.

Even established brands need to evolve and shift the consumer’s perspective to stay ahead of the curve. We work with legacy brands and invigorate growth by inspiring your consumers, new and old, to take notice and connect.


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We Are

We’re a team of designers, strategists, developers and creative problem solvers who strive to make impactful work while being easy to work with. We believe in positivity, the cadence of hard work, and the importance of lasting relationships. We’re always eager to meet new partners who value this mindset.

Branding and Design by Colony
Branding and Design by Colony
Colony Studio Branding & Design Los Angeles
Branding and Design by Colony
About Us Branding and Design by Colony
Colony Studio Branding & Design Los Angeles
About Us Branding and Design by Colony
Branding and Design by Colony
Colony Studio Branding & Design Los Angeles
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Colony Studio Design and Brand Los Angeles

With our roots still firmly planted on the West Coast, we have grown to reach all corners of the country. We embrace the creative diversity of different environments and the perspective it brings. And while the world is always evolving, how we treat each other and our partners remains a measure of who we are.

Moves Us

  • We work hard at making things look simple.
  • We are small by design.
  • We believe business should be an agent of good.
  • We may work for companies, but we always design for people.
  • We may not have all the answers, but we’ll ask the right questions.
  • We are not afraid to challenge our partners' assumptions.
  • We know change is inevitable. We embrace it.
  • We see ourselves as a partner, not an agency.
  • We are grateful.