Raising the Bar.



BTL SVC provides hand crafted premium cocktails in the convenience of a ready to drink package. As anyone can see in most liquor stores this is not a new concept, but what sets BTL SVC apart, and was our focus in launching the brand, is the dedication to quality and cocktail authenticity that has not been seen in this single serve package style.

BTL SVC - Colony
BTL SVC - Colony


Honoring the classics.

To launch the brand, BTL SVC smartly started with the classics. Dedicated to craftsmanship and premium ingredients, this lineup and its packaging illustrates the care and skill that goes into these original cocktails and BTL SVC’s product.


A cocktail story.

The digital expression of the brand needed to capture the experience of a well made cocktail, with the twist of the convenient ready-to-drink package. Using a combination concise copy and large imagery to illustrate the simplicity and quality that is the brand, with colors and styling to enhance the perceived value, we aimed to present the brand as high quality and hand crafted, yet truly uncomplicated.