Reef Technology

The new hub
of the city.

Reef is a SoftBank backed venture on a mission to transform parking garages into vibrant hubs for the on-demand economy. With such ambitious goals in place, we were tasked with establishing a brand rooted in the idea of transformation and connectivity. Using the humble parking line as the starting point for the dynamic story we needed to evoke, we created a brand that’s as ambitious and innovative as the mission itself.

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Visualizing Transformation

The mark was created to support the brand’s mission of transforming parking lots into vibrant urban ecosystems. By starting with the parking line and bringing movement, and therefore life, to this otherwise static visual, we were able to capture the diversity and energy at the core of the brand’s purpose.

Reef Technology Brand Identity by Colony
Reef Technology Outdoor Campaign by Colony

“We’re on a mission to transform parking lots into multi-use urban ecosystems.”

Alan Cohen — Chief Marketing Officer