Real Fruit. Real Good.



Spindrift is America’s first and only line of sparkling beverages made with real squeezed fruit. An innovator in an exploding market, with a product story so simple you wonder why it’s done any other way, the goal was communicate the value in truly being real across all channels. In an overloaded, very competitive environment, we positioned Spindrift to be bold and clear, without losing site of the brand’s personality.



Real Fruit. Real Good.

The packaging for Spindrift communicates the simplicity of the product in every form. From the front of the can to every side of the secondary packaging, the real fruit message is purposefully loud and clear. In a time where ingredients were are concealed and ambiguously named, Spindrift aims for clarity through complete transparency and bold messaging.

Spindrift - Colony
Spindrift - Colony


Relaying the real message.

Bright and concise, the Spindrift website clearly communicates the real fruit and sparkling water message. With upbeat, vibrant lifestyle imagery, clean product photography, and intuitive navigation, the site provides a branded platform for storytelling and brand communication that speaks directly the end user and the retail partner alike.


Let’s get real for a second.

From the beginning, Spindrift has always been about real food and a healthy lifestyle. Through various levels and types of content, we set out to tell that story and share the many sides of the brand. From their charitable work through 1% for the Planet to partner and farmer profiles, the content mix enriches the Spindrift story.