Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Verve Coffee


Verve Coffee Roasters believes the coffee experience is their responsibility from seed to cup. Combining this undying dedication to their craft, along with the unique cultural ethos rooted in their Santa Cruz home, we set out to refresh the brand in a way that would feel authentic to who they are, yet push the brand in a new direction as it continues growing.



Ethics & Excellence.

The refreshed packaging had to breathe life into the brand while incorporating its identity as a Santa Cruz coffee roaster with a passion for the highest quality coffees they could possibly find. Using color, materials, purposeful copy, and a simplified iconic labeling system, our new approach to their packaging highlights the quality of the product while capturing the essence of the brand.


Farmlevel Magazine

Like every brand, content helps share the story. For Verve, an example of this content was realized through a 124 page magazine created using images and words produced by the founders during their travels to the coffee farms all over the world. Shot entirely on film over the course their buying trip to Honduras, this first volume gives perspective into their connection to the farmers.


Made in Santa Cruz.

The Verve brand is one that consumers connects with a deeper level and are willing to support beyond the coffee. So to help the brand utilize this opportunity we continually design graphics for apparel and other merchandise.